A New Approach

Most staffing firms rely on traditional job boards and job postings to identify candidates, but SSi trains its recruiters to use social media such as LinkedIn to identify passive job seekers. When combined with our recruiters deep network and database of candidates this means that SSi clients see candidates from us that they would never see from another firm.

Hiring Developers

SSi can dramatically improve how you hire developers.  We have partnered with an advanced recruiting platform that helps us solve the challenge of how to effectively hire developers, by enabling us to easily find and target candidates we know are good.


Using patent-pending technology to analyze programmers’ actual code and professional contributions from open source communities and Q&A sites (Github, StackOverflow, etc), this process has profiled, scored, and ranked millions of developers.


The scores and rankings provide us with an instant assessment of a developer’s skills and experience as well as a much larger pool of candidates than those available only on job boards.


  • Target candidates we know are good
  • Search for developers using multiple criteria like coding skills, title, or location
  • Access detailed, comprehensive profiles of developers which include code projects and other details

Most staffing firms are built from the top down. This means that the individuals actually doing the recruiting for your opening are the most junior and least experienced people in the company, not with SSi. SSi uses a more balanced approach meaning that some of our less experienced recruiters are offset by experienced recruiters, many of whom have over 10 years of experience. Not only does this mean our experienced recruiters are able to tap a deep network of contacts, but are there to provide guidance to our recruiters who are less experienced in the field. In the end, we feel that this not only produces more qualified candidates, but decreases the number of unqualified candidates our clients have to interview and screen.